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Hello everyone I'm Ishahrudin Mohd Ali . Just call me shaa or shahrul. I'm 8 teen years old . i live at Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur. and i was studying at Kolej Teknologi Timur - KKB UiTM . photography would be my passion. i am Not handsome but already cute! . FAHAM ? .I not hot-tempered guy and non sensetive person okay . T.Q :)

Monday, 30 January 2012


Life is a story with pages unwritten, A beautiful love story that's some what hidden. When life gets flooded and hard to bare, There is someone that is always there. Between the wall of lies and the people to please, Love will never be what it was meant to be. Beauty is in the heart, and not on the plaster of th skin. True love is breaking through the criticism and reaching in.

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