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Hello everyone I'm Ishahrudin Mohd Ali . Just call me shaa or shahrul. I'm 8 teen years old . i live at Sg. Besi, Kuala Lumpur. and i was studying at Kolej Teknologi Timur - KKB UiTM . photography would be my passion. i am Not handsome but already cute! . FAHAM ? .I not hot-tempered guy and non sensetive person okay . T.Q :)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

20 days in Ramadhan

Today is the 20 days I had fasting in Ramadhan 2011.  And I also break the fast together with my beloved family and friends. it was enjoyable day in my life, there is various food that have served by my mother and i had eat until full.  Soon, Syawal will be appear, i would miss the Ramadhan. :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

photographer "klik klik . ."

My dream is to be one of the famous photographer and graphic designer. As a photographer, they will needs a model to done his work so that i've dreaming to take Nora Danish as my model.  I will make it real one day.   I would like to become a professional photographer and graphic designer with a lot of  new ideas. Finally, I hope my dream will come true. InsyaALLAH.

my ambition

do you have ambition? hmm, everyone has their own ambition. just like me.  i've a lot ambition, but i must focus only on one scope .  rite now i was studying at Kolej Teknologi Timur and i was taking art & graphic design course. so what do you think i will be one day?? just wait for my new post. :)

tired -,-"

today i was very tired!!!! i need a glass of water. hahahaha. yeah, although i was really weak and do not have energy. i will keep on fasting.  as a man with must have our  responbility to carry our obligation as a muslim.

Ramadhan 2011

Hi, safe, fast to all Muslims and musilmat, I am happy to welcome the month of ramadhan 2011, and I hope this time the full meaning of ramadhan so as I might spend properly. but I can not be less happy when a beloved family.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

sick -,-

17/06/2011 - Today I was very tired and lethargic, I felt unwell due to a fever, I never felt like this fever. in the morning I feel a fever once, and drowsy and lethargic, after the afternoon we prepare for Friday prayers at the mosque and I think my body healthy again. at 4 pm I feel tired again until the night and to bring it to bed. (motive for telling this story that I have a fever only)

so sad :'(

Today is the day I am very unfortunate, it all happened in one day. At first I thought this was normal, after I investigated all the misfortune that I happen to overlap in one day seemed to have seized the ladder fell, the first misfortune that happened today was that my bike was happening minor damage to the tire and after I repair, I went with my friend rest due to fatigue and we go drinking with, after enjoying a cup of tea, I began to move back but unfortunately there has been a powerful thing, I began to tire goes flat, I began to suspect it is leaking. My friends and I went to the bicycle repair shop again, my expectations are accurate, and about the money I'm running out RM30.00 on that day to repair my bike, though somehow I persevere, and pleased myself, each test come we have to face with the patient, God will provide testing in the ability of its followers alone. so my sad story today:)

Ghost :P

 Today is the day Thursday, the day said Thursday is the night of nights honing the knowledge or active fine thing. true or not last night my friends and housemates the nabil, shimir, Dafi, black, bath, bean, wan and non-local aleng living with us. precisely at 12.00 am we moved from our home. we initially to the mining, we picture there, but no sight of anything we find there. Then we continue on to the next destination. till you get to a park I named an orchid garden, and we rule over neighboring booths. after we are through the junction we found was that our vehicle was followed by neighbor rule earlier, we view each other. their faces looked gloomy and fearful, we exit the vehicle with courage. After answering all the questions put by the RT was that we were given five minutes to leave the area before, we are determined to go home. on the way home, one of our friends have managed to take pictures involved in the car, and we feel that the sight of which we are looking for. I hope you can understand this story

my fixie (Black Fuji Mio)

Today I bought a bike, I will promise to take good care of and washed every day, at first I thought it was bicycles, apparently it is a bike to race, now I feel very happy because I also have the facilities to go to college. so I am grateful to all the good deeds of friends together to help me repair the bicycle when it is damaged. so that's my story today.

First day at KTT

 This is the first day I stayed in Kolej Teknologi Timur(KTT), I found all the students here are better, I am satisfied on the shelter provided by the college. The distance from where I live very close to dining, from shopping is not far. I am also proud to be a student (KTT), I hope my final exams will be 4.0 points.